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In the wake of joke cop Taylor Lorenz calling out Vox founder Matt Yglesias over his joke about catching Covid on Father’s Day and long Covid leading to spelling errors, blue-checks have a brand new thing to be mad at him about.

Apparently, he dared to leave his apartment in New York City while infected with Covid:

Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis wanted to know why he isn’t isolating himself indoors:

Is it “really” a big deal though?

Even Taylor Lorenz herself felt the need to jump in:

Do these blue-checks really think the millions of New Yorkers who got Covid just stayed indoors the whole time they were sick?

And why isn’t he following the science?

Well, since hospitals told Covid-positive doctors and nurses it was safe to go to work while infected, maybe these blue-checks should give him a pass?

Yglesias added this “update for the haters,” noting that he was walking around in “uncrowded places”:

Verdict: Nothing-burger.



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