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Sounds like the DNC is dumping Kamala Harris in the bargain bin.

Imagine having to slash prices for a picture with the first woman VP to sell tickets to a Women’s Leadership Forum … THAT’S how unpopular Kamala is. Maybe don’t select someone based on their sex and color next time, Democrats? Just thinking out loud.

This is embarrassing AND hilarious:

They cut the price by 2/3.

Then again, $5000 for a freakin’ picture with a supposed public servant still sounds like WAAAAAY too much.

Democrats and their big money.



But fair.


Why would anyone pay for a photo with someone who allegedly works FOR us? Let alone thousands and thousands of dollars for one.



Let’s not pretend her ‘stock’ was ever really that high to begin with; she couldn’t even win over her own state.

Our EXACT response.



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