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Typically, schools in the United States begin each day with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. A patriotic symbol of our loyalty to America and a display of unity that everyone can be involved in.

But this teacher in Wisconsin decided to introduce six-year-old boys and girls, to the pledge of allegiance to the pan-African flag, a black nationalist symbol.

This is not teaching about the pan-African pledge, this is compulsory. You can see her tell students that they must raise their fists in a black power salute and encourage them to repeat the racial mantra.

Fists up! On three! 1…2…3…

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Afro-American people. Under God, I’ll protect freedom, seek peace, honor our ancestors, and encourage and support the development and prosperity of people of African descent.

This is straight-up black nationalist, racial propaganda.

A black pledge of allegiance, not to the ideals of America, but a promise to work for the advancement of one particular race.

(Btw, it was the American flag that fought a war to end slavery, not an African flag dedicated to the African slavers that sold their neighbors for centuries)

This teacher is forcing kids to say this anti-American nonsense in a government school classroom.

There is a particular irony that this lady is teaching black nationalism in a school named after Martin Luther King, Jr.

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