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On Friday night a black mob took to the streets of Chicago, somewhere in the city, and terrorized an elderly man in a vehicle by climbing and dancing on his car while he sat in the vehicle:

I would think this man had to be scared to death as this mob of black teens acted like savages all over his car. I know I would’ve been, and it wouldn’t have taken much for me to just hit the gas to try and get out of there.

I suspect the man likely had cars in front of him, as you can see other traffic on the road. Whatever the case, the officer coming to his rescue was a wonderful thing to see in the end as the teens just ran off. I’d hate to see his car though because it likely has little dents all over it now.

As far as the occasion for the mob, it could have been some sort of bizarre Juneteenth celebration as the weekend began. I looked for news on it but I couldn’t find any to substantiate it.