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If you’re a Western man of any particular genetic melanin content, you’ll understand the following thread in your bones.

But in particular, this thread encapsulates what has happened among the young white men who have been cast aside as “toxic” by their societies and left to fend for themselves in a world of endless porn and video games.

Like many great threads, it starts with a squishy leftist asking a question about how nefarious white men are:

“Haunting me for weeks.”

When this woman says this, she isn’t talked about being haunted by the actual white supremacists who are hanging out in their cousin’s basement in a run-down crack house in Alabama (all 5 of them).

She’s also not talking about the greentext trolls on 4chan, who have nothing better to do with their lives than post lewd photos and crass jokes to pass the time.

When people like this say “alt-right,” they mean “anyone who listens to academics, pastors, politicians, or public figures who don’t agree that men can be women and abortion is amazing.”

For people like this women who are confused and think MORE wokeness is going to solve this problem, let this random teenager school you:

Like I said, if you’re a young guy, you feel this in your bones. You know what he is saying is true. You’ve lived this. You understand.

Ironically, Dana is right in some of her analysis.

There is a backlash coming against woke Marxism. We have an entire generation of disaffected and addicted young men, of all ethnic backgrounds, who have been told they are worthless scum of the earth who have nothing to offer unless they have a deviant sexuality, a victimhood card, or a special flavor of skin color.

But this toxic backlash will come because of what wokies like Dana have done by destroying the institutions that used to ensure a young man understood honor, duty, commitment, and discipline, and gave him the chance to have a life of purpose if he would fear God and love his neighbor.

We have jettisoned the rites of passage, traditions, and structures that allow young men to grow into their roles as fathers, worldshapers, inventors, heroes, and explorers, vilifying the concept of “patriarchy” in a quest to make the world better by making it feminine.

The way to keep our cultural pendulum from radical licentiousness to jackbooted authoritarianism is to start developing a moral compass and discipline in young men again, and to give them pathways to live out the adventure of life.

Sadly, the same people who want to keep the “alt-right” from growing are not just trying to shut down the churches that have a spiritual imperative to do so, but even Canadian professors who are telling lost young men to “clean your damn room.”

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