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Have you ever wanted an A.I. to draw random images that will both amaze and frighten you beyond your wildest dreams?

Look no further! The staff of Not The Bee is here to show you the power of DALL–E, a program that can generate images based off text descriptors.

Here’s a great example of Jesus hosting a LAN party at the Last Supper:

Basically, you go to this website and you type in whatever you want to see. There’s still a lot of limitations (especially since this is the “mini version”), but here are some of the pieces of “art” that were dreamt up by our team here.

Disclaimer: Not The Bee is not responsible for any of the uncanny valley chicanery you are about to witness that may or may not haunt your dreams. May God have mercy on your soul.

“Darth Vader onboard a pirate ship”

“Superhero Dachshund”

“Darth Vader wearing pajamas”

“Joe Biden corn pop”

“Trump card”

“Kamala Harris in space”

“Parachuting hippo”

“Pikachu testifying in court”

“Justin Trudeau in blackface”

“Yoda touring New York City”

“Batman punching a shark”

“Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon riding a T-Rex on Mars”

“Rand Paul Rambo machine gun”

“Elon Musk wearing a crown with a bird”

“Angry Will Smith Blair Witch project”

“Xi Jinping smiling with an RPG launcher”

Now let’s turn it over to our subscribers! Post your best submissions below and we’ll update this article with the funniest!

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