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French President Emmanuel Macron lost control of the country’s parliament yesterday, after his centrist coalition failed to win a majority of the 577-seat body in national elections. The outcome means Macron, elected to a second term in April, will likely face significant challenges in achieving legislative priorities. 

Macron and his political allies in the National Assembly faced stiff opposition from both the left and the right. A progressive coalition led by veteran left-wing politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon appears on track to win around 140 seats, while Marine Le Pen’s conservative populist bloc is projected to take 90 seats—a significant jump from the eight seats won in 2017. As of this writing, Macron’s bloc is projected to take around 230 to 240 seats.

Analysts say frustration with major parties has led to a drop in voter enthusiasm, with less than half of eligible voters casting ballots.