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Just in case you were still wondering which side of the abortion debate is evil, here ya go:

[Language warning]

Look at how lax she is about literal murder.

I’m psycho. I would f***ing kill it.

And she knows it’s murder. Listen to her words!

I would jump out of a plane to kill that baby.

The pro-aborts aren’t even claiming the baby is a “fetus” or “clump of cells” anymore, and they certainly aren’t about keeping abortion “safe” and “rare.” They ENJOY killing their kids! It makes them feel powerful to take a life!

But you know what’s even more amazing?

Videos like these aren’t national news because a lot of people actually agree with her.

Sure, they’ll get upset if someone says “I’d like the government to leave me alone” or “please don’t destroy me because I don’t want to get an experimental jabbity jab,” but they care diddly squat if a young woman goes on an unhinged rant about baby murder.

These people are the same ones who’d line up to sacrifice their neighbor to the gods or sell their neighbor into slavery if given the chance. Change my mind!

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