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Ah, what a way to celebrate America’s new-and-improved independence day.

[Warning: Language, Violence]

A 15-year-old was killed. Three others were shot, including a police officer.

The incident started when this rally for black power turned into a free-for-all with a large group of attendees attacking each other. When police intervened, they began recovering multiple illegal firearms that people had brought to the event and so they decided to shut it down.

That’s when the shots rang out and the crowd stampeded.

Gunfire erupted on a street corner as crowds began to disperse from the “advocacy” festival called Moechella — which officers had shut down moments earlier over dangerous conditions.

The event was advertised as a peaceful demonstration at 14th and U Street celebrating Juneteenth, but police described a chaotic scene where several illegal guns were recovered over the course of two-and-a-half hours.

Many social media activists and politicians were crying out for laws to stop gun violence after the shooting.

I guess they didn’t realize that Washington DC is about as strict as possible when it comes to gun control laws. Pretty much no one is allowed to carry a gun in the city.

The criminals who brought all those guns must not have heard!

Juneteeth is a great day to celebrate when Republicans finally freed the last of the Democrats’ slaves under the banner of the Red, White, and Blue…

…But I’m starting to think that the Critical Race Theory Marxists who are trying to turn Juneteenth into a racist holiday that degrades “whiteness” and the “patriarchy” by casting aside history and moral values might just be morons that are destroying society.

Anyway, we’ve spent a year-and-a-half and who knows how many dollars fixating on the events of January 6, 2021, when unarmed Trump supporters were let into the Capitol Building and proceeded to take pictures and get some dirt on Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

Candidates for state governor are now being raided by the FBI simply for being there, while others are still languishing in prison indefinitely in clear violation of the 6th Amendment.

At the time, the media ran headlines like this:

Meanwhile, BLM activists burned down DC in 2020:

And now we’re seeing twerking on top of cars and bullets being sprayed into crowds. I guess those gun laws don’t work that well after all!

Might I submit to you that these celebrations of racial “power,” sex, drugs, gang culture, and other vices that the left allows to run rampant in cities are much more dangerous than a grandmother of five who waved some flags for freedom and election integrity?

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