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Unfortunately, Molly Jong-Fast has deleted the tweet that self-described “Vaccine Scientist-Author-Combat Antiscience” guy Dr. Peter Hotez responded to over the weekend, but his responses are still available, and that’s all that really matters.

Here they are, for your reading pleasure:

Not all heroes wear capes. And Peter Hotez is convinced that he is a hero.

Weeeeeeelllllll, maybe Dr. Hotez does owe just a little explanation to us “bottom feeders.” Not that there’s actually much to explain, because it’s pretty simple: he’s a lying liar who lies.

Townhall columnist Phil Holloway was quick to call him out on it:

Let’s go to the videotape, shall we?

Uh-oh, Doc. Looks like this puts a bit of a crimp in your Open Schools Crusader narrative.

And there’s more:

Does that sound like a guy who worked tirelessly to keep schools open to you? Because it sure doesn’t to us.

Twitchy fixture @AGHamilton29 also has a much better memory than Dr. Hotez was counting on anyone to have:

They should be apologizing, but they won’t.

He’s welcome to try, but we’re going to do our best to make sure he and others like him don’t get away with it.



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