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Often, the truths that are most difficult to accept are those told bluntly and without apology, truths absent mitigating caveats and without regard to the feelings of the listener.

Even now, a week after finishing listening to Vince Everett Ellison’s book, “25 Lies: Exposing Democrats’ Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them,” my mind reels. I by no means agree with Ellison’s every argument, but every argument is credible enough that it cannot be dismissed outright. Each one demands consideration.

Ellison is a conservative, politically independent, and a man to be reckoned with.

And I do mean man. Strong, confident, and fearless. As he wrote in 25 Lies, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, he “fears no man,” because why should he?

Also, he was a prison guard for five years at a medium/maximum prison, born into poverty (his parents were sharecroppers in Tennessee), and so has seen some things, as they say.

One of those things is evil, and he says he sees that evil in the Democratic Party.

And he pulls no punches, comparing them to Nazis, directly.

“Unable to defend their lies with reason, through debate, in the public square, evil democrats like evil Nazis, have resorted to dictatorial powers against free speech… including riots and murder” intended to “kill resistance.”

He then makes the connection between antebellum southern slaveholders and the modern Democratic party.

This is nothing new, these hoodlum and gangster methods were exacted against the black slaves, Catholics, the abolitionists, the sharecroppers and the civil rights workers.

Today democrats use these tactics against Christians, life activists, second-amendment activists, education activists and religious freedom activists.

As the title of the book makes clear, this is all about lies. But it’s more than that, because a suppressed truth is itself a lie.

Tyrants never bother with censoring a lie, tyrants censor the truth because truth will destroy a tyrant.

He leans hard into this notion of the “reshaping and falsifying of history” and believes too many Democratic Party supporters are “seduced by these lies.”

Democrat Party slaveholders were referred to only as slaveholders. Democratic Party traitors were called the Confederacy. Democrat Party terrorists and liberal revolutionaries are called the Ku Klux Klan or Black Lives Matter. Democrat Party liberal insurrectionists and anarchists are called Jim Crow or segregationists. The Democrat Party reeducation camps are called public schools, colleges, and universities and Democrat Party concentration camps and plantations are called majority black districts and the inner city.

I’m not even a quarter of the way through the first chapter yet.

He notes that the United States did not have slaves. Half the country was mostly free.

Democrats had slaves, not the United States.

A few more truth bombs:

On racism.

“Continued Racial animus manufactured by the Democrats is necessary for them to maintain power.”

On the Civil Rights movement.

The Civil Rights movement was an orchestrated event dseigned by white northeastern liberals to take over the Democrat Party by registering over three million latent black votes located in the old south.

On reparations and African complicity.

African nations have never contributed a dime of restitution for their crimes against black Americans. They sold us and never sent one canoe to claim or even check on our welfare.

He goes after black leaders, condemns the “cowardice of (some) black men,” and Martin Luther King.

He talks about the Black Caucus, the NAACP and others,

…serving up poor middle-class blacks as the price black leaders are willing to pay to sit at their masters table.

He talks about Walmart.

One example of the hatred Democrats have for black Americans is this insane hatred the Democrat Party has for Walmart. Walmart has provided for poor blacks and whites for its vegetables, fresh food, clothing and numerous other items that were completely unattainable for African Americans and the poor. Walmart provided jobs, …has raised the standard of living.

He addresses CRT, LGBTQ, abortion, and more.

While he has little love lost for the Republican party, as do I, he is a rock-ribbed conservative and sees them as generally more aligned with his views, particularly given what he thinks of the Democrat Party.

I actually like Juneteenth as a holiday. Like our best holidays, it does not hinge on a single man, as men are fallible and will disappoint. It rests on a principle, and the concerted action of a nation to bring freedom to all its citizens.

This book could serve as a useful vehicle to continue that journey to a more perfect union.

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