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Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah said Biden’s actions, or lack thereof, are legitimizing the violent attacks on pro-life centers. “What we’ve seen is a deliberate attempt to isolate, demonize, and intimidate those justices signing Justice Alito’s opinion, which everyone should read by the way – it is fantastic,” Lee said in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

“The Justice Department has turned a blind eye to blatant violations of 18 US Code § 1507 – the provision that prohibits people from showing up at the home of a Supreme Court justice to protest,” he added. “By not condemning those, by not prosecuting them, the Biden administration is propelling this and legitimizing the attacks.”

Fox News reports “Pro-abortion protests resumed outside the Maryland home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh just hours after a California man showed up with a gun, knife, zip ties, and burglary tools as part of an alleged assassination plot. Lee’s remarks to Fox News host Shannon Bream came after President Biden last week signed a bill providing more protection for justices and their families.”