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I’m not sure why this person decided to reply to Townhall writer Kurt Schlichter with a crazy video out of Chicago, but it quickly racked up a million views.

That elderly gentleman was TERRIFIED.

And he has reason to be!

Chiraq has had 281 murders this year alone.

The mayor is keeping minors away from tourist and shopping areas because crime has gotten so out of control.

And roving mobs like this regularly jump on cars and cause chaos in the streets.

Fights in broad daylight are happening all over the place (and this is the mild stuff):

[Violence Warning]

In the last week, a naked woman lying in the street ran over a cop with his own cruiser, while a hatchet-wielding man pulled up randomly next to a cop in a nice suburb and tried to kill him.

I’m sure a few more decades of “progressive” handouts, abortion, drugs, and fatherlessness will turn the city right around!

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