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President Joe Biden’s nasty spill off of his bike on Saturday during a morning ride in Delaware is another sign that he’s not in good enough physical condition to be running the country, according to a former ranking member of Donald Trump’s administration.

Ric Grenell, who served as U.S. ambassador to Germany during Trump’s term as well as a stint as acting director of national intelligence, told Newsmax TV that the fall is “just another piece of the puzzle” that shows he’s “not well and that he isn’t running the country.”

“You look at the Twitter feeds today of all the Washington, D.C., types, and there’s very few talking about Joe Biden falling off a stationary bike,” Grenell said on Newsmax’s “The Count.” “They just are trying to cover for the ruling party wherever they can. It’s a joke.”

Several angles of the fall were posted to social media in what looks like the president simply failing to adequately gain his footing as he stopped, perhaps even getting a foot tangled up in a pedal.

The Associated Press noted:

“I’m good,” he told reporters after U.S. Secret Service Agents quickly helped him up. “I got my foot caught” in the toe cages.

Biden, 79, and first lady Jill Biden were wrapping up a morning ride when the president decided to pedal over to a crowd of well-wishers standing by the bike trail. Biden, who was wearing a helmet, tumbled when he tried to dismount, apparently falling on his right side and rolling on to his back before being helped up.

The president quickly collected himself and spent several minutes chatting with people who had gathered to watch him bike. Biden did not need medical attention and is “fine”, according to a White House statement.

Grenell said that both the United States’ allies and adversaries are watching these kinds of incidents and “they’re seeing the decline of Joe Biden.”

“Everybody knows this,” he said. “No one is allowed to say it in Washington, D.C., but everybody else sees it.”

He acknowledged that falling off a bike while getting a foot caught in a pedal is “what happens to normal people,” and if Biden’s fall was a lone incident, “we wouldn’t be able to string this together.”

However, the former diplomat and acting DNI noted further, the incident came after Biden was seen “falling up stairs. (We’ve) seen a shuffle, seen him shake hands with the air, seen him lose cognitive function in the middle of a speech … and today’s episode is just another piece of that puzzle that Joe Biden is not well and that he isn’t running the country.”

Newsmax added:

He further pointed out that he’s “said it before” that Susan Rice, the director of the United States Domestic Policy Council, and Chief of Staff Ron Klain “are manipulating all of the policy, and he’s out there just speaking.”

Grenell on Saturday also spoke out against the ongoing hearings of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 incidents at the Capitol, calling the proceedings a “total joke.”

“You have to suspend what Donald Trump said,” Grenell said. “He was quite clear about peaceful protests, and isn’t that what we constantly heard from the left when the BLM (Black Lives Matter) riots were going on? I mean, you could see fire and riots behind individuals who are saying, ‘Behind me is a peaceful protest.’”

But, he continued, Washington is “living in its world” while Americans are witnessing “elements of fascism and totalitarianism beginning to take hold in Washington.”

Biden was ripped on social media after his fall.

“I’m not sure there’s ever been a more perfect metaphor for the current state of our country than Biden falling off his bike while standing still for literally no reason,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

“I’m just shocked they let him ride a bike without training wheels,” he added.

“We need reasonable bike legislation that bans all 2 wheeled bikes and includes holding bike manufacturers accountable for Biden’s fall today,” comedian Tim Young said.

“Poll: 27% of likely voters believe Biden did an excellent job riding his bike today,” he said.

“Political consulting tip: Do not let 80 year old man ride bike on camera while trying to convince the world he is not as unsteady or in as much decline as people say he is. That tip is free,” Mo Kelly said.

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