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Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis is THE leading voice for Republicans and conservatives over the last few years.

There are very few issues where the governor won’t speak his mind. And in a press conference today, DeSantis took Biden to the woodshed over his insane immigration policies that have led to more illegal aliens crossing into the United States than ever before.

DeSantis and Florida are leading the way in fighting back against Biden’s bad border policy.

Biden’s DHS Secretary, Mayorkas has completely bungled the border response, and thinks it’s no big deal that more than 1 million illegal aliens have entered the US this year.

Then we have scenes like this where you have 4,000 illegal entries in one small area over the period of a few days.

And then the numbers DeSantis references in the clip. 239,000 new illegal border crossings in the last month alone.

States need to follow Florida’s lead, seak out strongly, and do something about this crisis.

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