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Eating out can be expensive—the overpriced entrees, the drinks, the tip, everything. And if you’re eating out with Warren Buffett—well!

Warren Buffett saved the best and biggest for last as the auction for lunch with the billionaire set a record.

A person bid more than $19 million to dine with the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ in the 21st and final time that the businessman auctioned a private lunch to benefit a San Francisco charity.

The winning bidder couldn’t immediately be identified.

Hey, I know how to easily identify the bidder: Just look out for Warren Buffett eating out with some random person at some point over the next few months. That should be pretty easy to spot.

Meanwhile, where will this illustrious meal be held?

This year’s winner and up to seven guests will dine with Buffett at the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in Manhattan.

Yeah that place is no joke. Here’s a small selection of their menu:

Heck it sounds like you’ll be shelling out $19 million just to sit down in a place like that!

Hope you get some good advice for that much dough, my friend!

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