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“Working with our counterparts on the other side of the river, we’re for the first time seeing the cooperation and collaboration like we’ve never seen before,’ said Lt. Col. Freeman Martin of the Texas Dept. of Public safety on Friday, in discussing the major win by Gov. Greg Abbott in convincing Mexican Governors to break up the massive caravans headed our way, lured by Biden.

Abbott’s presser today on border security included several updates on his progress on those deals Scoop wrote about back in April. IT wasn’t just about border inspections. It was Abbott reaching out to his counterparts across the border for the mutual benefit of this state and the Mexican states being ravaged by these enormous caravans.

Operation Lone Star is also training the National Guard and Department of Public Safety in how to deal with these “mass migration” events.

Here’s a report from Fox 4 in Dallas.

The libs on Twitter are super mad about it, which makes it all the more awesome news. But battles are far from over.

“Even if the caravans are breaking up, it doesn’t mean the people who were part of the caravans are not going to be trying to make it to the United States of America. It’s just that they may be making it in ones and twos instead of large caravans,” said Abbott.