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HE GOT RIGHT BACK UP! That’s in every single tweet from the mainstream media that you’ll find — and most of their headlines — about Ancient Joe Biden literally falling off his bike in front of reporters.

Imagine if Trump or literally ANY Republican of any age did this? Feeding frenzy.

Watch the old man fall for like the who knows how many-th time in office? Remember the steps of Air Force One? BUT HE GOT RIGHT BACK UP!

Various degrees of viewability on the clip, but mostly the same view.

Look at it y’all.

This guy…

IF YOU INSIST BUDDY. This one is maybe the best. FLUBS!

But this nobody’s tweet is what every MSM reporter is trying desperately to say without coming right out and gushing it.


Amazing. Fit for what exactly? Retirement home? Managed care?

Hard agree.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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