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Today at the Republican Party of Texas Convention, John Cornyn was booed by members of the audience during his remarks onstage.

Here’s a clip:

I wasn’t there but those boos had to be about McConnell announcing that Cornyn was his point man to negotiate gun control legislation with Democrats in the Senate after the massacre in Uvalde.

In case you missed it, Cornyn’s name was the first thing out of McConnell’s mouth when he announced he’d support a bipartisan gun control framework:

The last thing Republicans need before the midterms is to go all in on a gun control bill with Democrats in the name of bipartisanship.

I’m still hoping that Democrats get greedy and wreck this bipartisan framework so that it never makes it into a bill that Republicans actually vote for, because that surely won’t help us win the majorities we need to take back the House and Senate.