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Walmart has just announced that it is dumping Mike Lindell’s MyPillow from their stores, claiming the ratings for his pillows had fallen too low:

Via Breitbart:

Walmart pulled conservative activist Mike Lindell’s MyPillow from its stores this week, citing the product’s alleged low ratings.

In a statement to The Hill, Walmart said while MyPillow products will no longer be available in stores, they will still be offered online.

“While we are no longer carrying them in stores, MyPillow products continue to be available on Walmart.com,” a Walmart spokesperson told The Hill.

Lindell says Walmart is just canceling him like other stores:

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Lindell said he learned of the news from a Walmart executive over a video call, arguing that the product’s ratings had fallen below a four.

“You do realize bots and trolls attack all the time,” Lindell recalled telling the executive. “You’re gonna be all over the news tomorrow.”

Lindell defined the move as a political cancelation and denounced the company for being “cowards.”

“You guys are canceling us just like the other box stores,” Lindell said. “Shame on you, Walmart. You’re disgusting.”

Lindell later told the Daily Beast the move was yet another example of cancel culture.

“We are up to like about 8,000 pillows a week,” he said. “You should go in there [Walmart] and see the pillows that are made in China, and all their pillows are made overseas.”

Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohls dumped Lindell’s pillows in January of 2021 because Lindell was a fierce advocate of the 2020 election being stolen. They claim that they did it because of decreased demand. But we all know it was political.

As far as Walmart goes, Lindell might be right about them canceling him too. However I don’t think he’s been in the news in a controversial way recently and I would have thought if Walmart had a political agenda, it would have manifested before now. And if they are truly canceling him, wouldn’t they also refuse to sell it online?

Whatever the case, his uphill battle to selling his pillows just got steeper.