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Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis took Joe Biden to task today. He was asked a question about the flailing economy, particularly “gas prices and inflation”, and went off on a rant that continued until the end of his speech. “If you could give me a time machine to go back to January 20, 2021, we would just do the opposite of what Biden has done, and we would be in a better spot” DeSantis started out.

He then went on to talk about how Biden campaigned on transitioning away from oil and that his policies may be hurting domestic oil production, potentially causing higher gas prices. “Higher than we have ever seen it before in my lifetime in this country.” He touched on inflation: “Obviously when you’re printing trillions of dollars, the money supply, that has caused it to go up as well.”

DeSantis said that if Biden admits he’s wrong and reverses course on oil and gas policies, the forward-looking markets might provide some relief even before there is more oil and gas. However, he doesn’t think Biden will double down and do a “180” on American energy or put the people first.

“The windmills are not enough, you have to have oil and gas to be able to power the modern economy”, he continued. “He needs to reverse course here. I don’t think he will”

DeSantis mentioned how some states have had gas prices over $5-$6 for a while now, such as Nevada and California. He went on to say that the real effect of inflation is worse than the amount that the news reports, as the things inflating the most are the things Americans need the most such as groceries and homes.

“They’re just looking for a boogeyman to try to pin this on and here’s the thing, we’re not gonna let them get away with that, we’re going to hold them accountable.”


Although it’s unlikely Ron DeSantis will try to run against Donald Trump in a 2024 primary, he may run in 2028, or in 2024 if for some reason Trump backs out. This speech of the Florida governor going after the president directly shows that he’s looking beyond just the state of Florida in our view, and is talking to all Americans.

The full transcript is here from CBS, which reported in part:

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden told refiners to increase production. He asked oil companies about the need to work with his administration on “near-term solutions” addressing the crisis. 

Gas prices nationwide average roughly $5 a gallon.

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