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Much speculation has been made about upcoming elections. This includes the mid-terms this year, and the 2024 presidential United States election. As the economy appears to be in shambles and getting worse, Democrats are flailing and struggling, amid an expected blowout in the mid-terms. The Republican Party doesn’t exactly have a solid identity either.

This is what makes elections unpredictable because when one party is falling apart, the other one usually isn’t much better. Despite all this, Republicans have some tailwinds according to most experts. Joe Biden however, is losing support from his own party fast.

Some may think he is too old, as a writer for “The Atlantic” recently stated, which we will expand upon more. Other Democrats see Biden’s failures as an opportunity to replace him with someone even more radical and further to the left.

Republicans don’t really care why, but they see Biden losing popularity with his party as a good thing, period. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has not yet officially announced and Elon Musk said he likes Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, as a presidential candidate. It is likely that DeSantis won’t run against Trump if he runs.

But Musk is a growing influence too, so this makes things interesting on the Republican side. Meanwhile, as we mentioned before, this author for “The Atlantic”, isn’t even pretending anymore. The long article that spells doom for Biden starts out by saying in part:

Let me put this bluntly: Joe Biden should not run for reelection in 2024. He is too old.

Biden will turn 80 on November 20. He will be 82 if and when he begins a second term. The numbers just keep getting more ridiculous from there. “It’s not the 82 that’s the problem. It’s the 86,” one swing voter said in a recent focus group, referring to the hypothetical age Biden would be at the end of that (very) hypothetical second term.

The left is the party of being politically correct and being offended by absolutely anything and everything. It’s surprising that Mark Leibovich is even allowed to say someone is too old without being accused of ageism. But then again, the left tends to play like they have one set of rules for themselves, and yet another set for everyone else in our view.

The bottom line here is that the Democrat party is in shambles, much like the U.S. economy under Biden’s watch. Time will tell if the GOP is wise to pounce effectively here, or if they allow defeat to be snatched from the jaws of victory once again, as they are so good at doing in the past decade or so.

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