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NASHVILLE, TN—The Daily Wire’s new movie Terror On The Prairie received backlash from movie critics for a scene where Ben Shapiro unexpectedly appears as a traveling salesman hawking life insurance policies.

“Howdy there, partners!” says a top-hat-wearing Ben Shapiro as rolls up in a fancy wagon with the words “Policy Genius” painted on the side. “You fellas ever hear about Policy Genius? Whether you’re about to have a duel or worried about attacks from the Injuns, they got your hide covered!”

Shapiro then dusts off his hat, sets down his six-shooter, and holds up a QR code for all the cowboys to scan. “Yes sir, you fine gentlemen just mosey on over to this here website and you’ll be grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ sweet taters. No unnecessary medical exams, no Doc Holliday checkin’ under the belt buckle. Who’s up first? Don’t be a yellow belly now!”

After the cowboys get their policies squared away, Terror On The Prairie continues on with Gina Carano being absolutely stunning and incredible. “Ms. Carano is so unbelievably talented at everything she does, it’s silly,” said movie critic Bob Tolliver. “She carried the movie effortlessly. Almost made up for when Shapiro barged back into the saloon to tell the bartender about finding help on ZipRecruiter.”

At publishing time, the Daily Wire had announced their next film project entitled Run, Fight, Hide Your Identity With ExpressVPN.

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