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Hispanics Swing Republican In Texas Primary

There were big results Tuesday night in the 34th Congressional District in Texas, a young woman named Mayra Flores won her election and OutKick founder Clay Travis breaks down the details and significance of the election.

“Mayra Flores is the first Republican to win in the 34th Congressional District in Texas in 100 years. Think about that for a minute,” Travis said. “It’s been over 100 years since Republicans have won this seat. Putting it into context for you. Hillary Clinton in 2016 won this district by 22 points. As recently as 2020, the retiring congressman won by 14 points.”

“Now, Mayra Flores, the Republican candidate born in Mexico, the first woman born in Mexico to ever be elected a congressperson in the United States has swung this election by 21 points,” he continued. “They went in the space of less than two years from Democrats winning this congressional seat by 14 points to Republicans winning it by around seven points. Now, Joe Biden only won this district by four points …”

Travis said Flores’ victory represents something in a much larger context — Hispanics are overwhelmingly, all over the country, breaking in favor of the Republican Party “because Democrats have become totally insane.”


“The kind of Democrats who are demanding the word ‘colonials’ be stripped from George Washington University are alienating people all over this nation and as a result, we are going to see not only a red wave but potentially, potentially a red tsunami,” Travis said. “The likes of which we have never seen before in the history of this country.”

Here’s everything Clay Travis had to say on OutKick The Show:

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