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A leaked Project Veritas video shows Elon Musk laying out his vision for Twitter during a virtual meeting with employees today.

In the video, Musk slams the media for “almost” never getting “it” right. “How many times have the media gotten it right?” he asked, before responding to himself, “I would say almost never, not never, but almost never.”

Timcast’s Lydia Leitermann shared the video from TPUSA’s Benny Johnson and said:

“BREAKING: Project Veritas LEAKS #TwitterAllHands with @ElonMusk

“It’s essential to have free speech.”

“Important to represent multiple opinions & not driving a narrative.”

“In order for people to have trust in @Twitter there needs to be transparency.”

Musk responded to the tweet, “Exactly.”

Leitermann responded to Musk, “Man, I’m pretty stoked you’re at the helm of this. You should come on Timcast IRL and tell us more.”

On Tuesday, we reported on Musk’s plan to meet with the employees.

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