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How about a congressional investigation of the perversion of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the service of the Russia hoax intended to take out Donald Trump? The FBI, FISA, and the FISA court should be shut down until we get some answers about the abuse of the law in the service of the hoax. It is all unfinished business, although the Democrats are doing their best to make us forget.

It seems to me an opportune moment to review events with Lee Smith (JNS post here, video below with host Ellie Cohanim). Toward the end of the interview, referring to the media, Lee distinguishes between “dingbats blabbering absolute nonsense” (e.g., Rachel Maddow and unnamed CNN hosts) and others who were part of an information operation (e.g., I take it, the CNN host/reporters whose bylines ran on this story). There is nothing new here, but I thought some readers might find it of interest, as I did.

Lee graciously granted us permission to publish an excerpt from his book The Plot Against the President in this Power Line post. In the excerpt Lee discusses the CNN story linked above.