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Biden’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, told CNN that are demanding oil and gas companies make massive investments to increase production for oil and gas.

But when Granholm was pressed by CNN about wanting the same oil and gas companies drilling for more oil and producing more gas in 5-10 years, she admitted that they essentially want to shut them down because the administration is putting their foot on the gas to get us to ‘clean energy’.


Why on earth would oil and gas companies ever cater to the demands of the Biden administration with threats like this looming over their heads.

What Granholm is really saying is that the administration’s policies are having such a bad political effect on Biden’s poll numbers that they need oil and gas companies to bail them out with cheaper gas so he doesn’t go down as the worst president ever. That’s really what this is all about. They don’t care that we are spending our future at the gas pump right now because they know we’ll be spending even more than that on so-called ‘clean energy’.

If you watch the interview you’ll hear Granholm make up words like ‘petrodictators’ and falsely attribute all the blame to Putin, as well as claiming she wants oil and gas companies to diversify with clean energy so they aren’t shut down. But all of that is just garbage to make them sound less like the authoritarians they truly are.