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U.S. Border and Customs Protection released its report on border apprehensions for the month of May on Wednesday. Border Patrol agents reported a record number of apprehensions on the southern border, an all-time high number. The numbers exceed those recorded in April which were previous record-breakers.

Bill Melugin reports for Fox News that the numbers are up from April, including the number of unaccompanied minors.

May’s numbers of illegal migrant apprehensions surpass the previous record set in March 2000. Border Patrol reported over 220,000 apprehensions according to government data gathered during the past two decades. There were 17,000 illegal migrants at official border ports of entry, too, where the Biden administration has been allowing asylum-seekers to continue to move further inside the United States. Particularly alarming is the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border. There was a 21% increase in May over April. April’s number was 12,180. Since October 1, there have been over 100,000 apprehensions of unaccompanied minors. Some are very young children sent to cross the border alone and fend for themselves without adult support. Kidnappings and human trafficking abuses are running rampant along the border.

Biden’s border crisis continues to present humanitarian, logistical, and political challenges for the administration. There is nothing humane in encouraging migrants to come to the border expecting to be allowed into the country and then to stay. In fiscal year 2022, CBP has processed over 1.5 million migrants and is on track to exceed the record 1.7 million migrant arrivals in fiscal year 2021. Some of the increases can be attributed to migrants who are removed, only to return and try to enter the U.S. again.

May’s historic tally of border arrests was, in part, driven by record arrivals of Colombian and Nicaraguan migrants, high numbers of Cuban asylum-seekers continuing to reach the Mexican border and a sharp increase in Haitians entering U.S. immigration custody. Arrivals of migrants from Brazil, Ecuador, Russia and other nations also increased.

The soaring number of migrant arrivals has also been partly fueled by an unusually high rate of migrants crossing the border multiple times after being returned to Mexico. CBP said Wednesday that 25% of the migrant encounters in May involved migrants who had been previously stopped by the agency in the past year.

Nearly 77,000 of the migrant encounters in May involved Mexicans; 25,348 involved Cubans; 21,382 involved Guatemalans; 19,491 involved Hondurans; 19,040 involved Colombians; 18,944 involved Nicaraguans; 10,418 involved Haitians; 8,955 involved Salvadorans; 5,118 involved Brazilians; 5,078 involved Venezuelans; 3,394 involved Russians and 3,045 involved Ecuadoreans.

These numbers don’t include the gotaways – migrants who avoid apprehension by running from law enforcement and vanishing into the country. About 100,000 migrants were expelled under Title 42, a policy the Biden administration is fighting to end. The Biden administration mainly uses Title 42 for single adults apprehended at the border. Most families apprehended are allowed to remain and are released with notices to show up for an asylum hearing.

Ironically, a newly elected Republican woman is speaking out about the false hopes transmitted by Team Biden when they refuse to enforce immigration laws on the books. Mayra Flores flipped Texas’ 34th congressional district in a special election Tuesday. She will be the first Mexican-born woman to serve in Congress and she is married to a Border Patrol agent. Her district has been solid blue for over one hundred years. Times are changing in south Texas because of the Biden border crisis and Biden’s inability to address the needs of ordinary citizens. Flores and her family immigrated legally to Texas when she was 6 years old. She supports legal immigration and says it is wrong for Biden to encourage migrants to come when they end up being abused by drug cartels and human traffickers. Flores says cartels run the border now. She ran on a platform of securing the border, legal immigration, support for Border Patrol and law enforcement on the border, and kitchen table issues like high prices due to Bidenflation.

Joe Biden continues to pander to the far-left and their open border demands. It’s cruel and it presents undue burdens to border communities and eventually communities around the country. Every state is a border state in Biden’s America as DHS flies and busses migrants away from the border and into other states. Those states are on the hook for services and resources to handle the migrants.