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One of biggest reasons I started liking Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona is because she unabashedly declares the 2020 presidential election was stolen. During a time when the Republican Establishment trades endorsements with candidates based almost solely on their willingness to deny what millions of Americans know to be true, it was refreshing to hear that Lake wasn’t bowing to The Swamp by echoing their narrative.

When I brought this up to a conservative friend in Arizona, he told me that the other major Republican candidate for governor, Karrin Taylor Robson, had also denounced the results of the 2020 election. This surprised me because Robson has always been a moderate at best, loved by the GOP Establishment and endorsed by fellow RINOs. So, I researched her newfound claims about voter fraud and quickly learned they didn’t really exist.

According to Robson’s campaign (though not directly from Robson herself):

“Joe Biden may be the president, but the election wasn’t fair. States across the country changed their voting rules in the weeks and months before the election; the mainstream media generally refused to cover stories harmful to Joe Biden; and Big Tech actively suppressed conservative voices. No wonder a sizable percentage of Arizona Republicans still feel the way they do about 2020.”

Noticeably missing from the statement is the word “fraud.” I’ll get back to that late.

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Predictably, leftist corporate media has pounced and said she suddenly supports claims of a stolen election while right-leaning corporate media has said she’s coming out against voter fraud to match Kari Lake. Neither assessment is true, especially when we consider this is the ONLY statement on record we’ve been able to find that talks directly about the 2020 election. She supported the Maricopa County audit, as would any sensible GOP candidate when we consider three-fourths of Arizona Republicans believe the election was fraudulent. But otherwise, she hasn’t discussed the issue.

There’s a reason for this. It’s taboo for anyone who hopes to get GOP Establishment endorsements or PAC support. Those of us who believe the 2020 election was stolen may scratch our heads when we see Republican candidates go lukewarm at best on the topic, but the reason for it is the worst-kept secret in politics. Democrats don’t want further investigations into the election for obvious reasons, but the Republican Establishment is even more adamant about it. Why? Because they don’t like Donald Trump, they don’t believe in America First, and some of them were complicit in the theft.

This is why “conservative” corporate media outlets like Fox News won’t give any coverage to Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, 2000 Mules. It’s why most Republicans on Capitol Hill change the subject when the 2020 election is brought up. And it’s why most Republican candidates across the country avoid the topic like the plague.

Kari Lake is different.

On the latest episode of The JD Rucker Show, I covered this and many other issues with Lake. She boldly declared what many of us know to be true. She went so far as to promise to work to expose what really took place in Arizona in November 2020 and beyond. Lastly, she offered real solutions to prevent it from happening again.

Robson’s take is not the same even though her supporters want Arizonans to believe they are. Her campaign’s claim of an election that was “not fair” to Donald Trump is based solely on Republican Establishment-approved facts. She says laws were changed for the sake of Covid-19 and corporate media hid stories that would have been detrimental to Joe Biden. Both facts are acknowledged even by corporate media today. She’s not going out on a limb or declaring what Republicans in Arizona really feel. She’s sitting on the fence and pretending to be a champion of free and fair elections by dropping ambiguous statements and saying nothing more on the subject.

I’d love for her to come on my show and answer the very simple question, “Was the 2020 election stolen through massive, widespread voter fraud?” I don’t want to hear what I could read about in the NY Times. I want to hear what outlets like the NY Times and Fox News refuse to cover, including what was detailed in 2000 Mules or the mountains of affidavits swearing that voter fraud on a wide scale took place.

Here’s today’s interview with Kari Lake:

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