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Climate Czar and failed presidential candidate John Kerry, while speaking at an event hosted by the University of Southern California’s Center of Public Diplomacy last Friday, said that the U.S. “absolutely” does not need to drill for more oil and gas, according to a report from Fox News.

“No, we don’t,” he said. “We absolutely don’t. And we have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this…” Kerry said —and the blowback was swift.

From Fox News

“Ketchup Kerry is out of touch with reality,” radio host Justin Barclay wrote in a quote tweet.

Gasbuddy writer Patrick De Haan, who frequents energy issues including soaring gas prices, criticized Kerry for his natural energy push, saying “let’s see that private jet fly on solar please.”

Radio host Buck Sexton, among the most recognizable critics, ripped Kerry as well, writing that “he absolutely does not care that millions of Americans can’t afford gas and are running up debt on their grocery bills,” and adding that “Kerry thinks people who didn’t marry into fortunes created by other men (twice!) are chumps who must suffer to save the climate.”

Additional commentary came from bestselling author and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who said he disagreed with the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and from editor and writer Jazz Shaw, who jabbed at Kerry by saying he had yet to figure out which Orwellian “Animal Farm” character he is trying to play.

“Relying on foreign oil imports while pretending to use wind & solar is not a feasible strategy,” Ramaswamy wrote.

It seems the Biden Administration just can’t get its messaging straight —Kerry says no more drilling while Biden is writing angry letters to oil execs asking why the flow of gas has been so slow to market.

Which is it, guys? Faster? Slower? More? Less?

Make up your mind.

Watch Kerry in the clip below: