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Yesterday we told you about the White House press secretary telling Don Lemon that the media should not be questioning Biden’s stamina, mental issues or his fitness to be president now or after 2024.

In a second segment last night, Erin Burnett continued this by defending the questions asked by Lemon and asking Van Jones if he had questions about Biden’s mental fitness:

Van Jones openly admitted that when Biden is stumbling Democrats get nervous, wondering if Biden is just tired or of it could be something worse.

Yeah, we all know it’s something worse. It’s old age and it’s hitting him pretty hard these days.

As I’ve told you before, it’s never a laughing matter when someone gets senile and forgetful in their old age. But Biden’s campaign hid this from the American public and refused to admit what we were all seeing, that Biden is not the same Biden from even a few years ago.

Now we are all forced to watch Biden constantly stumble over his words or up the steps of Air Force One. And the media for the most part has ignored it, until now I guess. With the head of CNN forcing his employees to be less partisan in their programming and commentary, it looks like CNN is finally up for discussing this a little.

This is far from the scandalizing they did with Trump whenever he walked down a ramp funny or held a cup with two hands to avoid dribbling it on his power tie. But I guess it’s a start…