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fans hold signs for Brittney Griner

Dan Dakich said it Tuesday, and he said it again on Wednesday — if former President Donald Trump was in office, Brittney Griner would be out of the Russian jail she’s been held in for months.

While Dan is aware that Griner is alleged to have committed a crime in Russia, he said those who are making comments about the WNBA star online are “inhumane.”


“Now, look, I get it. You break the law. You break the law,” Dan said. “But four months seems like a pretty hefty sentence to me for what she did. It’s time to get her out. I mean, it just is. It’s time that we don’t have a week *ss President, it’s time that we don’t have a weak country. It’s time that we are a little bit respected, a little bit feared, and we only get her out. Not saying we use force. I’m not saying we bomb places, but however you do it diplomatically …”

Prosecutors in Russia were granted another extension Tuesday in the case of the American women’s basketball player, which many outlets report is a procedural move that was expected and should have little effect on negotiations for her release, according to several experts.

“Now, look, there’s no guarantee she gets out there. None. But I got to tell you, the idea from you folks out there that say, well, she didn’t stand for the anthem, but she’s getting what she deserves is absolutely asinine,” Dan said. “I mean, it is absolutely incredibly asinine. I mean, this is a human being, whether you agree with their politics or not. And again, I don’t even know that she did it because I’m going to sit here trusting Russia. I’m not. You’re not. We aren’t in other areas. Now, all of a sudden we trust Russia when it comes to this? And yes, when she got arrested, I did say, ‘how dumb are you?’”

Here’s everything Dan had to say:

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