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Indiana GOP Sen. Mike Braun says “we need to have a plan” for when Republicans win back majorities in Congress in November’s midterm elections.

During an interview on Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance,” Braun also endorsed the idea of House Republicans launching an investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“We’re going to win the House back. I think the Senate is now in play. We’ve talked about it before. What do we do with it when we get it back?” Braun asked.

“Are we going to just lay back, baseline this craziness as something we accept?” he continued. “Are we going to undo it? And then what are we going to put out there as a game plan if we want to win the presidency back in 2024?”

“We’ll put a tourniquet on crazy legislation by winning the House. We’ll get back in the appointment business of only conservative judges and cabinet members. But we don’t need to really look too far,” he said. “Go back to pre-COVID. Look at what was working under (Donald) Trump. Get back to it.”

Saying that the “tables turn in January of 2023,” Braun emphasized the need for Republicans to be “as aggressive as what they (Democrats) have been from the moment Trump got elected.”

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan recently vowed that Republicans would focus on three investigations if they win back the House in the midterms.

“The top three are the DOJ (Department of Justice), what they’re doing to parents,” Jordan said in a podcast interview at the time. “Priority No. 2, and equally as important, is the chaos that is now our southern border and has been that way for a year ever since Biden took office.

“We will do a joint investigation with the Oversight Committee … in conjunction with Sen. (Rand) Paul and Sen. (Ron) Johnson on the origins of this (COVID-19), (Dr. Anthony) Fauci, and all the other things,” he added of his third priority.

Braun was asked about Jordan’s comments and seemed to agree.

“A lot of what I’m going to be pushing for is stuff that we generally aren’t comfortable with doing, but it better start with some of the investigations. It better start in January, and then we need to have a plan out there that counters a lot of the stuff that’s been put in place in just a year and a half of damage with Biden at the helm.”

Jordan said Republicans will “uncover” what Fauci knew about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jordan argued recently released emails prove there’s a “need to investigate Fauci.”

“If the American people put us back in charge, we are definitely going to do this,” Jordan said, adding that his colleagues would push for a congressional investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

“Because we now know without a doubt that Dr. Fauci knew on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 that this thing came from a lab,” Jordan argued. “The top scientists in the country were saying it came from a lab. One scientist says we got the notes now from the conference call on February 1st. One scientist says, ‘I don’t see how this can happen in nature, but it would be easy to do in a lab.’”

“And yet just in a matter of days, they changed their position, write the article that appears in Nature of Medicine Magazine, which then gets cited in the now-famous letter The Lancet, which became the gospel for the fact that Fauci can go out and tell people it didn’t come from a lab when in fact they knew it did,” Jordan continued.

“The interesting thing is. We point this out. We just learned this last week, the two doctors who were most adamant that this thing came from a lab early on: one is Dr. Kristian Anderson. On Jan. 31, 2020, he says this to Dr. Fauci in an email: ‘Virus looks engineered. Virus not consistent with evolutionary theory.’ So, he knew it came from a lab,” he added.

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