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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Thad stood in the corner wearing Crocs and drinking steak sauce from the bottle, wondering whether true love would ever come.

Much to the embarrassment of emotionally well-adjusted Americans, the House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues, also known as the J6 Committee, continues to play kangaroo court for a television audience that couldn’t fill a windowless pervert van. Thus far, all the committee has accomplished is to showcase Liz Cheney’s constipation-induced humorlessness.

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. They’re also making a good case for abolishing Congress.

There is so much wrong with this charade that it seems almost impossible that anyone would be buying it, yet there are some people out there who are gullible enough to believe that a drunk dude in a fur cap and a few of his chubby friends almost overthrew the United States government.

The committee wants Americans to believe that it’s perched atop the moral high ground, yet it’s awash in questionable integrity, some of which Matt wrote about the other day:

The Jan. 6 Committee has a well-established credibility problem. The committee released various text messages that have actually exonerated Donald Trump, but they falsely characterized the messages as incriminating. And when the truth wasn’t incriminating, they doctored text messages to make them look so.

One would think that people who have had so much practice spinning false narratives would be better at this by now. It appears that they were hoping that the mere repetition of the word “insurrection” would distract everyone from the fact that they’re full of crap.

Then there’s this little gem that Katie wrote about over at Townhall yesterday:

Democrats on Capitol Hill are holding hearings this week to examine January 6, 2021 and their allegation President Donald Trump, along with Republicans on Capitol Hill, launched an “assault on democracy” by questioning or rejecting the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Conveniently, Democrats are failing to highlight their own “assault on Democracy” over the years.

The first example is Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, who is leading the January 6 Committee. Thompson voted against the certification of the 2004 presidential election and refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration.

One of the biggest loads of garbage to emerge from the Democrats’ J6 tantrum is the idea that the Trump rally that occurred that day is what made Fur Cap and the Chubbies storm the Capitol. This one is so far from reality that even leftist fringe princess Rachel Maddow isn’t buying it. Matt has that story as well:

But perhaps even worse for the J6 Committee was that not even left-wing firebrand Rachel Maddow was buying their narrative. She even admitted that the Trump rally did not directly cause the breaching of the Capitol.

“Yes, there was a pro-Trump rally, at which the President spoke, and we can absolutely talk about all the things the President said there. But the idea that that rally is the thing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted in the breaching of the Capitol—that rally was very far from the capital, and the people who […] did the initial breach that allowed everybody else to come in, they never went to that rally.”

All good Americans should be greatly embarrassed by this perversion of justice.

If it seems that I’m saying that those who are not embarrassed aren’t good Americans, it’s because I am.

A Little Business

As you have no doubt noticed, we have completely changed our comments system. Here is the official word from the powers-that-be. This was done because the Nazi Big Tech censors can come after us even for content in our comments section. This isn’t a cynical ploy to make money, it’s a necessary move to protect ourselves from bad guys. I’m giving some thought to ways that you can still share your opinions with me and I’ll let you know about that soon.

Forced change is never easy but I feel that we’re a plucky and resilient bunch here.

We’ll figure it out.

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