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I’m honestly not sure what Biden is saying in this clip about what he’s going to do about gas prices.

Take a listen:

Biden starts by once again blaming Putin for his ‘gas price hike’, claiming gas prices have gone up almost two dollars because of no one but Putin. He emphasized that latter point because he’s desperate to get his poll numbers up. But we all know this is bunk.

Biden’s own policies are the biggest reason gas prices have risen so sharply in the US and blaming Putin isn’t going to fool anyone.

Biden then claims he has a plan for reducing gas prices and that’s where things get weird:

“So I have a plan to bring down the cost of gas and food. It’s going to take time but let the world coordinate the largest release what I’ve been able to do. The largest release of oil from the global fund in history. A million barrels a day. And 240 million barrels to boost global supply. I’ve convinced other nations to join us to keep prices from rising even more.”

First of all, it’s not call the ‘global fund’. It’s called the International Energy Agency.

Secondly, Biden releasing a million barrels a day from the Strategic Reserve hasn’t helped anything. All it’s done is waste our oil reserves.

Lastly, this plan Biden is touting now is actually from the White House website back in APRIL:

Historic Collective Release of Oil from the International Energy Agency. After around the clock diplomacy by the President and allies and partners, the International Energy Agency announced an unprecedented collective release with member countries outside the United States releasing an additional 60 million barrels. Together with the United States’ commitment, this will add a combined global amount of 240 million barrels to the market. It is the largest release from other IEA countries in history, and will support American consumers and the global economy.

Here we are nearly two months later and all of this oil being released internationally hasn’t made any difference. Gas prices are still skyrocketing and summer travel demand is going to drive them up even more.

So honestly, I’m not sure what in the heck Biden is talking about. He claims it’s going to take time for this to work, but it’s already been two months and there’s nothing to show for all of this oil being wasted. This isn’t some new plan to reduce gas and food prices at all. And at the quick rate of gas prices increasing, it’s really an old plan that has failed and yet he’s still touting it.

In related news, the Biden lies continue. In this one he claims Trump lost 20 million jobs. But that’s garbage because we all know the pandemic happened and governors all over the country shut businesses down, which cause jobs to go through the floor.

Biden also claims wages are going up under his watch, but as the RNC suggests, inflation is killing them:

Biden then screams that his spending isn’t reckless because he’s ‘changing people’s lives’ or something:

Lastly, Biden goes after the ‘Ultra MAGA’ folks again: