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I like to say he’s got half a mind to be president, but I would set the over/under on President Biden’s mental capacity at 40 percent. This isn’t the first time he appears to have forgotten Barack Obama’s name (video below). He’s been doing it for a while.

The video clip below reportedly derives from remarks yesterday at the so-called Summit of the Americas (I can’t find a transcript or account the the event yesterday). Representatives of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia and El Salvador were missing from the summit. On the immigration crisis that Biden has engineered it was an occasion for more mush from the wimp.

Biden’s apparent lapse of memory could be interpreted as a subtle sign of disrespect, but that would be a stretch. Biden is about as subtle as a gale of Kamala Harris’s “laughter.” Occam’s razor dictates the obvious conclusion.

Via Bonchie/RedState.