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According to a new report, Biden is angry at his inability to lower inflation and thus get his poll numbers going back in the right direction.

Via Newsmax:

President Joe Biden has become increasingly frustrated at his administration’s inability to lower inflation, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Biden has been voicing his anger internally about inflation, the Post said. The consumer price index (CPI) last month jumped 8.6% compared to May 2021.

“The problem has ballooned over the last year, consuming the president’s top aides and threatening his domestic agenda, his international priorities, and his party’s political prospects,” the Post reported.

Biden’s frustration has been evident for several months, the Post reported.

After visiting an Iowa biofuels plant in April and announcing a plan to expand the use of ethanol to help bring down gas prices, Biden privately dismissed the policy as ineffective, the Post said. The president questioned the value of the trip, according to two people familiar with the conversations.

Biden even gathered his senior staff, including chief of staff Ron Klain, to ask questions about the event’s purpose.

The Post, citing sources, said the Biden worried even before the announcement that ethanol’s ability to cut gas prices would be exaggerated and his climate goals could be hurt.

Officials, including Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, had encouraged Biden to go to Iowa.

Biden’s job approval rating continues to drop, as voters increasingly express dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy.

Inflation is being driven hard by record high gas prices, which Biden doesn’t want to seem to do anything about.

So I don’t understand his reported ‘anger’ because he is his biggest problem. He is so beholden his expensive climate agenda, trying to transition us off of oil and gas, that he’s simply not willing to do what is necessary to unleash the American oil and gas industry.

If he weren’t such a leftist ideologue he could have already had us the right path to lower gas prices which would then lower inflation.

So he can cry all he wants to about this, but he’s his biggest enemy and his party is going to pay the price in November.