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Fury is growing at the state of the nation. Between defending the second amendment on live TV, U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) took time to tweet a reminder about a “correct” Trump prediction.

Although “fact checkers” continue to report that Russian President Vladimir Putin and a litany of other factors are the reason for high gas prices more than Joe Biden, voters are mad at Biden anyway. Jordan tweeted:

“President Trump predicted if Joe Biden was elected, you’d see $5, $6, and even $7 gas. He was right. Again.”

Trump predicted even higher gas than Jordan quoted in his tweet in the pre election rally video below where he said:

“If Biden got in you’d be paying $7,$8,$9…” Trump said after taking credit for cheap gas during his presidency:

In our view, we expect left-leaning media to continue deflecting blame away from Biden. Ultimately, voters can decide what the facts are.

Trump previously challenged Biden on oil policy at a debate:

Many on the right would like to see Jordan as Speaker of the House instead of Kevin McCarthy who seems o be gunning for that position if the Republicans were to take back control of the House, however, it is unclear if the structure of the GOP would allow this to happen.

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