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It’s just been reported that one of the high profile witnesses for the hack January 6th committee hearing this morning has a family emergency at the last minute:

DC EXAMINER – Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, who was set to be one of the higher-profile witnesses at the Jan. 6 committee hearing on Monday, will no longer appear, citing a family emergency.

Instead, a lawyer for Stepien will make a prepared statement on his behalf. The former campaign manager and White House official was compelled to appear under a subpoena from the panel, so it was unclear how forthcoming his testimony was going to be.

It’s not entirely clear what the details surrounding the emergency are, but sources have said his wife went into labor on Monday morning.

Obviously I don’t give a rat’s behind about this phony hearing. It’s the last thing the American people are thinking about while they spend all their money on gas and food.

But I do love the fact that Stepien’s ’emergency’ coincided with the televised hearing today. Anything that gives these Pelosi hacks a problem makes me happy.