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The keen and always eloquent Kamala Harris had some words of wisdom to share on the subject of neighborly assistance and international investment, and they are just too powerful to pass up without remark.

You see, the Summit of the Americas is the big deal summit that President-ish Biden and his wife Doctor Teacher were angrily rebuking the press over. Luckily for the world, Kamala had kinder gentler words to give to the press.

Kinder, gentler, even dumber words.

Ah yes, the old and respected institution we are long-term members of in good standing that is known by such titles as “HALF THE PLANET” and “No literally, it’s one half of the actual planet,” and of course the nickname immortalized in song decades ago: “Cripes Kamala that’s just a map designation are you seriously this dumb?” by the Beach Boys.

Over at WeaselZippers they had the best summary of our respected VP I’ve ever seen.