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Jim Jordan pointed out to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the “select” committee on January 6th are liars who have already been caught red-handed altering evidence.

And he’s right. Which — well, duh. Remember, Adam Schiff and pals had to confess, after they were caught, that they’d altered text messages to remove relevant context in order to smear Jim Jordan. They cut half a sentence out to make it seem like Jordan said something he didn’t, and in their “apology” they tried to pass it off as a mere errant punctuation mark, saying the committee “regrets the error.”

“Which is government speak for ‘We got caught lying,” said Jordan on Sunday.

That wasn’t even the only time they got caught so far.

This glossy, Hollywood-produced sham committee show is designed for fundraising for Democrats and trying to rescue the midterms from the total disaster we know is coming. No Republican should play along in any way.