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Facebook made the metaverse a kitchen table topic when it changed its name to Meta.

What is the metaverse, exactly? It’s a virtual world where you can be Snoop Dogg’s neighbor without physically living next to him — yes, you can buy virtual property either in Snoop Dogg’s compound or in the same virtual neighborhood right now (but hurry, the best properties are already being bought up). The metaverse is also a place where new and unknown threats have serious real-world consequences .

In short, the metaverse is a virtual world where you can experience everything “just like real life,” only filtered, mediated, and perfected to utopian standards.

Maybe that’s the point — it’s a sort of “second chance to create utopia.”

What makes the metaverse an $8-13 trillion opportunity? The metaverse doesn’t seem much different from the properties, houses, and hotels on a Monopoly game board. Only we’re playing with real money.

One possibility is the amount of data the metaverse will be able to collect. As Shoshana Zuboff, a Harvard professor who studies the Digital Revolution, says, we live under surveillance capitalism: social media companies turn data into behavioral excess and sell behavioral excess as the ability to control people at the […]

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