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The left-wing scumbag baby-killer who went to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house in order to murder him, and then backed out when he thought he was going to be stopped, was of course encouraged to be there by the Democrats and the media. Their only disappointment is his lack of follow-through.

The media has been trying hard to bury the story since it broke. And I mean tryin’ hard, y’all. But today the audio from the murderous liberal now under arrest and charged was released. Take a listen.

If you hear what I hear, you hear a disturbed man who was obviously, OBVIOUSLY driven by the rhetoric he heard from the Democrats. From Chuck Schumer. From Twitter and Facebook.

Does that mean they can’t say it? Of course not. Say away. But guess what? People listen and sometimes they act. Maybe if you act more like a grown-up with a sane grip on reality then … well what does 9 plus 1 plus 1 equal?

That’s right, 11. Maybe if Y’ALL don’t take it to eleven, then some of these whack-jobs won’t either. Take some personal responsibility. Or at least take ownership.