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GOP Arizona State Sen Wendy Rogers warned last night that “we are in big trouble” after Fox News ran a story about the “journey” of a transgender teen for “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” and after the May consumer price index report was revealed.

The segment about the transgender teen aired yesterday on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with co-host Dana Perino, who declined to push back as she introduced it.

The May consumer price index report shows that prices rose 8.6% from a year ago, the highest increase since December 1981.

In her tweet, Rogers declared, “Biden-flation is at an all time high and @FoxNews is promoting child sex changes. We are in big trouble.”

As we reported yesterday, Biden passed the buck during a speech yesterday as he said, “We’re doing everything in our power to lower costs to families, but congressional Republicans, led by Senator Rick Scott, have a different approach.”

In the segment on Fox News, the report focused on the story of Ryland Whittington, a biological girl who started her “journey of transitioning” at the young age of 5, supported by their parents.

Whittington’s story had also previously been told on CNN back in 2015.

Allie Beth Stuckey said of the segment in a tweet, “I’m stunned that Fox News ran a segment celebrating a girl whose parents ‘transitioned’ her into a boy when she was 5 because she apparently told them she was a boy ‘before [she] could talk.’ Absolutely maddening & heartbreaking.”

Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna was supportive of the segment in a tweet where she said, “Excellent piece by @BryanLlenas & producer @MelissaChrise @FoxNews aired as part of our #Pride2022 coverage: Fox News Airs Lengthy Interview With Trans Teen’s Family For Pride Month: ‘I Would Rather Have a Living Son Than a Dead Daughter.’”

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