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With the Jan. 6 Select Committee holding a primetime “show trial,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson began his show tonight by offering his own take on the situation.

At one point, Carlson denied that Jan. 6 was an “insurrection” and warned that Democrat policies may lead to one.

In a clip from his show, Carlson said of Jan. 6, “This was not an insurrection.”

“But you know what will get you to insurrection? If you ignore the legitimate concerns of a population if you brush them aside as if they don’t matter,” Carlson explained.

Carlson then gave examples like, “When gas goes to $5 and you say, ‘Buy an electric car.’ When cities become so filthy and so dangerous that you can’t live there. When the economy becomes so distorted that your own children have no hope of getting married and giving you grandchildren.”

“When you don’t care at all about any of that and talk about yourself nonstop, you might get an insurrection if you behave like that, speaking of insurrection,” Carlson concluded.

On NBC’s “Today” they suggested that people change their whole lifestyles in order to potentially save money on gas.

Joe Biden has been trying his best to downplay the issues that Carlson mentioned, specifically the economic issues.

“The fact is America is in a stronger economic position today than just about any other country in the world. Independent experts have even projected that the U.S. economy could grow faster than China’s economy this year. That hasn’t happened since 1976,” Biden declared yesterday in a tweet.

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