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Maybe Joe doesn’t understand the whole America First thing. He was close, but didn’t quite stick the landing.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, the Biden Administration is doing its part to combat food shortages in America —Latin America. Biden & Co. have announced $331 million in food security and humanitarian aid for Latin American nations. Quick reminder for Joe: we’re in a bit of a crisis here at home, as well.

“This contribution will complement the United States’ existing commitment to providing life-saving humanitarian assistance, responding to acute food insecurity, and advancing capacity-building activities that bolster disaster preparedness and response” across Latin America and the Caribbean, a White House statement said.

“The total aid package amounts to $645 million and includes support for ‘refugee and migrant populations,’ as well as cooperative efforts on ‘climate smart economic reform,’” DW reports.

“One-third of the world’s food is produced in the Americas, and the current global food crisis is an opportunity and responsibility for the region to step up to supply a greater share of the world’s commodities,” the White House statement said. “The United States will commit during the Summit to work together to increase food production for export, increase fertilizer production and transportation, and to improve agriculture efficiency through technical solutions and information exchanges.”