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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stopped by The Faulkner Focus and absolutely unloaded on the Jan 6th Committee and Democrats who refuse to focus on what’s really affecting everyday Americans: inflation and the economy.

Excerpts from Rep. Jordan’s appearance below.

JIM JORDAN: The majority party gets more members on the committee, they get more witnesses, but the minority party always gets a chance to bring in a witness or cross-examine the witnesses that the majority brings in. Except in this committee, this is worse than what Adam Schiff did with the 2019 impeachment in the bunker, in the basement of the Capitol, because at least we got to be in the room and depose the witnesses. And then when they had hearings, at least we got to cross-examine the witnesses. That’s not happening here. And it is just a production, selectively pulling out information that we get no chance to see, presenting that to the American people in a completely partisan fashion. And again, you just went through how bad the inflation is, 41-year high inflation. I think the American people kind of care about what’s in their paycheck and what they can buy with their paycheck. But instead, we get this primetime focus on a partisan activity.

Watch the clip above.