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The national average of gas prices across the US is on track to pass $5 per gallon this weekend, according to industry groups. The rise is the continuation of a monthlong run of record prices, and marks the first time the threshold has been passed since the widespread adoption of automobiles.

Analysts have pointed to summer demand, refinery bottlenecks, and the effect of the war in Ukraine on global markets as primary factors. Some experts project crude oil prices to reach as high as $140 per barrel, up from the current $120, with gas prices over $6 per gallon. 

State-level averages vary. At least 19 states have already passed the $5 milestone, and per-gallon prices range from $4.40 in Georgia to more than $6.40 in California (see updated list). Prices are also rising quickly—today’s average is up almost 30 cents from last week, 70 cents from last month, and more than $1.90 from last year.

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