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A pro-baby-murder protester was approaching and interfering with Biden’s motorcade today when a Secret Service officers ran up behind her and dragged her to the ground.


She continually resisted and fought the officer until he was able to get her into handcuffs.

If you watch closely, you’ll see him slap her one good time. She totally deserved it.

Here’s something else you should enjoy. It’s Chip Roy explaining exactly why the second amendment is necessary:

Lastly, I’ll note that there are reports that several Republicans joined Democrats today in voting for their gun control bills. But I looked at both roll-call votes and they show zero Republicans voted for the measures. See for yourself. Roll Call 235 and 236. I’m not sure what happened in the reporting or I’m missing something. Either way, I wanted you to know why I didn’t report it like some did.

Consider this an open thread.