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I’ve been promising to collect our own lexicon of the real meaning of key leftist terms—an undated version of Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary, for a while now. So here goes. Readers are encouraged to propose additional definitions and terms in the comment thread, and we’ll update this lexicon from time to time.

Populism: When the wrong person or cause wins a free election, like Brexit, Trump, or a Soros DA recall.

Racism: Any opposition to the agenda of the left.

Democracy: Any institutional design or voting system that enables the left to get what it wants.

Threat to democracy: When Republicans win an election.

Equality: Outmoded idea from the Declaration of Independence.

Diversity: Where everyone looks different, but thinks the same thing, and speaks in identical cliches.

Equity: The phrase leftists use when they reach for your wallet.

Inclusion: The deliberate exclusion of white males.

Disinformation: Anything a conservative says.

Holistic: Leftist adjective for “we have no idea what to do about a problem.”

Root causes: Method of deflecting attention from solutions that can relieve a problem immediately. (Often used in conjunction with “holistic.”)

Property: Theft. (See Marx, Karl.)

Social justice: Alternative phrase leftists use when reaching for your wallet. (See “Equity,” above.)

Neoliberalism: Anything the left doesn’t like. (Often used as a synonym for “racism.”)

Structural oppression: Synonym for “we hate capitalism.”

Hate speech: Any statement that challenges the dogmas of the left. Usually deployed whenever a conservative is about to win an argument. (See also, “Racism,” above.)